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ピアノコンクール第1位、2002年・第十八回園田高弘賞ピアノコンクール入賞等、国内のコンクールにおいても高い評価を得る。 2004年よりロシア国立チャイコフスキー記念モスクワ音楽院へ留学。2006年・パリにて開かれたスクリャービン記念国際ピアノコンクールにおいて第1位優勝・特別賞を授与される。

音楽愛好家に限らず幅広くファンを獲得している。 近年は子供の為のミュージカルの




Naoko Ichikawa is a distinguished Japanese pianist.
She was born in Tokyo, received her first piano lessons when she was five.
Ichikawa studied under the famous Mikhail Voskresensky at the Toho
Gakuen School of Music (Department of Music Performance) and the
Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and was selected to perform at lots of
concerts in Japan.

She is a prize winner since her first year of Toho Gakuen Music High
School: First prize, 1st Piano Competition of 21st Century (Japan,1997),
prize winner, 18th Takahiro Sonoda Piano Competition (Japan,2002),
and First prize and special prize,International piano competition "Alexander Scriabin" (Paris, 2006) and so on.

Ichikawa is an excellent and unique musician. Both of her audience and
costars have admired her great scale of artistic sense and rich tone.
She has presented solo concerts, piano duo, chamber music and
accompaniments, gaining deep trust from her costars and patrons.

Since 2009, Ichikawa was a lecturer at the Tokyo Nikikai Opera Institute
for two years. She performed the orchestra part of the opera
"Tosca" (Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, 2010) arranged for one piano
and it produced a sensation.
Since 2012, she has been a piano accompanist for Danut Manea,
concertmaster of the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra. Ichikawa is currently broadening her activities for composing and
performing commissioned musical work for children, improvising
together with reading aloud, dance, percussion and so on, obtaining
wide range of admirers beyond lovers of music.
She studied piano under Emiko Itoh, Chie Okabayashi, Nobuyoshi Kato
and Mikhail Voskresensky.